The Best Phones of 2016

Those who have decided to purchase the best Smartphone of the year would like to consider all the models that are the most popular in the market. The buyers always want to ensure that they are buying the model that is the best according to their tastes and preferences and also it meets all their needs. This article serves as a buying guide for those who are in search of the best Smartphone of the year and the best 10 models are reviewed here in the order of their popularity in the market. This article makes it easier for the readers to pick out the best Smartphone model for them. Since we are in the month of December, we could include almost all the “Super Stars” of the year as far the Smartphone market is concerned.

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is in fact the upgraded version of the smaller model. An advanced camera and the considerably improved battery life had lifted it up to the rank of a smart choice.

While the impressive battery life, the amazing camera and the slick performance make it a super Smartphone, the higher price, absence of a headphone jack and the same full HD screen are considered as the drawbacks.

iPhone 7 Plus offers more space for apps and media and it comes with more number of color configurations. The vibrating motor and the A 10 Fusion Chip are the new additions.

The most outstanding feature is the presence of point-and-shoot dual cameras. This iPhone model is provided with a pair of snappers facing the rear side. iPhone 7 Plus is almost at the same level of Galaxy S7 as far as Low Light performance is concerned. Apple has confirmed that the two 12 MP snappers together can produce images of DSLR quality.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 in April 2017, this phone has become much cheaper, and a much better deal too! If you are just looking for a good phone for a good price this is the one to go for. With prices as low as £440 or $500 this phone has become of on the best bargains available on the net. The successor Galaxy S8 is only marginally better, making the S7 one of the best buys.

The amazing display, innovative camera and the awesome feel made Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the Super Smartphone. As expected, the price is on the higher side and many people are irked by the plastic feel. Apart from the camera, the new design also made the phone highly appealing. Though this model has a larger screen, the phone as a whole is not too big to hold. This model is water-proof and it has a slot for micro SD card.

With the price tag of £440 ($500) this Smartphone is indeed one among the costliest models. However, this gorgeous looking phone is worth its price. The camera can be activated by giving double-tap to the home button. The snaps taken by this camera demonstrate its excellent performance. The fast aperture, the larger pixels and the big sensor together enhance the low light capabilities.

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