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Apple iPhone 8 vs Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 - What to buy?

With Apple releasing the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X it has become a three way battle of what phone to buy. We are here to help you decide what phone you like more. These three phones are close competitors and represent the top performance phones at the moment. Samsung introduced S8 with its revolutionary design in April 2017. And here we are in September 2017 with releases of 2
Google Pixel 2 Prototype

Google going away from the Nexus line and went with the more mainstream premium range. We are speaking of the Pixel and Pixel XL, high-end devices competing with the iPhone 7 and Samsung 7 counterparts. The first Pixel is a good phone but still not on par with its rivals. Google always learns from its mistakes and we can rest assured Pixel 2 will be way better. Specifications   Google’s

The new HTC flagship is a reinvention for the brand, with a new design, upgraded hardware and new features. We may know it as HTC 11, but officially it got a rename as HTC U. Additionally HTC wants to launch 6-7 more devices. Specifications   The most important to mention is the Snapdragon 835 processor and 6 GB of RAM. We won’t lack internal memory either having 128 GB with

Nokia 8

Nokia was the biggest brand, when it came to phones. It fell behind after the release of iPhone and Android based smartphones. In 2014, Microsoft buys Nokia’s mobile device division and had a go at making Microsoft based smartphones. Later on, Finnish company HMD Global buys a part of Microsoft’s phone business. Therefore obtaining the license to make smartphones under the Nokia brand. Ready for Nokia to become once again

iPhone 8 prototype

The latter half of 2017 marks the tenth year anniversary of iPhone products. For this reason we can expect some exaggerated celebration. Should be good news for us, getting a powerful, well designed phone. We may get a complete redesign similar to the Galaxy S8, having an edge to edge display. Renouncing the home button is also a high probability. While the fingerprint scanner will go on the back of

OnePlus 5

One of the hottest smartphones of 2017 will be the OnePlus 5. We yet to know if OnePlus will skip a number, but we can assume the OnePlus 4 was actually the OnePlus 3T. In addition, the Asian and Chinese culture considers the number 4 as bad luck. Its release date is also quite uncertain, we can expect it towards the summer. As the manufacturer accustomed us, we shall have
Samsung galaxy s8

  Lucky us that Samsung just unveiled Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the most sought after smartphones of the past months, phones at an “Unpacked 2017” event in New York. News The next Samsung flagship phone is going to be found in UK and Europe stores sooner than expected, on 28th April 2017. It’s a different date from what we are used to, this is because the Note 7

The Best Phones of 2016

Those who have decided to purchase the best Smartphone of the year would like to consider all the models that are the most popular in the market. The buyers always want to ensure that they are buying the model that is the best according to their tastes and preferences and also it meets all their needs. This article serves as a buying guide for those who are in search of