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Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is a mobile device from Apple and it does manage to bring in front some very interesting options, all while to maintain many of the features that made the 6S a cult hit. Let’s see if the new additions are good or not and if the iPhone 7 is worth a purchase! Design What you will note about the iPhone 7 is that you get a very similar

Huawei P9

Huawei became the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and their chase to the top isn’t over. Their ambition is to have greater products than giants like Apple and Samsung. Huawei has some sort of a trademark move, which is to have insane specifications for their devices. Huawei P9 is such a smartphone. In addition, the P series always focused on camera performance and quality. P9 has a huge

Moto Z

Motorola been through a lot of changes corporate level wise. This resulted in a bounce of manufacturers for creating the smartphones under the Motorola brand. Initially Motorola crafted them then Google and now Lenovo. The new Moto Z made by Lenovo brings in a new feature, clip-on modules, also known as Moto Mods. This means we can attach certain add-ons via magnets located on the back of the device. Optical

HTC10 Silver

HTC had amazing success with the HTC One M7, but those that followed completely disappointed everyone. HTC 10 is one of those phones that hopes to relaunch a company. A slight design modification, more powerful specs and interesting features makes HTC 10 the perfect phone manufactured by the Taiwanese. Marketing went a long way to praise the device like that. A year have passed since its launch, most users report


After a disappointing year for LG Electronics regarding LG G5 in 2016, things are about to change with the brand new LG G6. Can it beat the competition? As a matter of fact the device is taller and less wide, with a 5.7 inch screen and an aspect ratio of 18:9. The biggest advantage of this size is that you can handle it with one hand. LG has adapted to
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As next in the series to Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 also could maintain the distinction as one among the phones with the most elegant appearance. Both front and back of this phone look clean and the overall design is indeed stylish. The most vivid aspects are the two volume buttons on the same side and the standby switch on the other side. The change in the position of the


LG tried to push their flagship smartphone as a modular device to shake things up in the mobile world. Their hopes were to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7. For the past years, LG became the primary competition for Samsung, on the Android market. Having better results in sales, after HTC sort of failed with the One series and Sony also lacked with Xperia Z. Specifications An IPS 5.3inch with

One Plus 3T

OnePlus is a Chinese company founded on 16th December 2013 and they went into the smartphone scene on 23rd April through the launch of the OnePlus One. Its beginning was spectacular so they marketed it as a flagship killer. They want to make devices with great quality-price ratio. They avoided the battle for the entry and middle level market. Main focus was to challenge the greatest smartphones available and offer

Sony Xperia Z5 Featured

  Regardless of past year’s declarations and low sales, Sony insists to bring on the market top end smartphones phones. Sony went on and launched the Z5 range with three sizes and price categories almost half a year since Z3+/Z4 launched. We are reviewing Sony Xperia Z5, normal one, not compact, nor premium, the 2015 Sony flagship. Build and Design Xperia Z5 keeps the pattern that made famous the past variants

google pixel phone

The new smartphone from Google is the first that is the Google-made phone. Prior to this mobile the Nexus series of phones relied on other manufacturers to build the smartphones and tablets. Google still had some help from a third-party manufacturer; HTC, but Google has its name on the phone this time. As with all Google phones the Pixel runs the stock version of Android and will get version updates