HTC 10 Review

HTC had amazing success with the HTC One M7, but those that followed completely disappointed everyone. HTC 10 is one of those phones that hopes to relaunch a company.
A slight design modification, more powerful specs and interesting features makes HTC 10 the perfect phone manufactured by the Taiwanese. Marketing went a long way to praise the device like that.
A year have passed since its launch, most users report that HTC 10 remains super-fast.


Before we go in further details let’s just see what’s under the hood. HTC 10 brings a 5.2 inch QHD resolution Super LCD. Powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM. Internal memory starts at 32GB with the possibility of adding storage through the microSD card slot. The battery packs 3000 mAh which can hold up to two days. We also find a fingerprint scanner and stereo speakers. Rear camera is 12 Megapixels while the front brings only has 5 Megapixels. Both have optical stabilization and the main one introduces a few feature, Utrapixel.
On its release the phone was running Android 6.0 with less bloatware than previous models.

As bonuses, we get HiRes sound and fast charging with heat control. The package also contains a pair of high quality headphones. It’s not fully water resistant but handles some sprinkles well. A stress temperature test demonstrates the phone to be functional down to -20 degrees Celsius and up to 60 degrees Celsius.


At a distance HTC 10 looks as a cheap plastic case device. Upon a closer look we realize that’s really not true. A feeling of steadiness, strength and lasting resistance describes the phone the best. The sculpted line into the case is a nice feature that plays well with the reflecting light and offers a better grip. A few plastic bands breaks the device’s all metal case for its antennas. The camera stands out the case a bit with no real inconvenience.

HTC took notice of fans complaining about the front logo taking a lot of screen space and removed it. The devices went with capacitive buttons under the display while the middle one acts as a fingerprint scanner too. Unlocking the phone through the fingerprint scanner is really fast, 0.2 seconds reaction time. Volume buttons are on the right side and the SIM and microSD slots on the left. The device got its better looks as the screen bezels got shorter as well.


A bright, natural vivid color QHD display is a huge upgrade from the last year’s phone. In addition, HTC 10 has wider view angles. To test its visibility, under the bright sun we had no issues viewing any of the elements on the screen. For people passionate about photography there is a sRGB display mode, in which you can configure the colors.


HTC 10 is fast, really fast. It comes with Android Marshmallow right out the box. Now its upgradable to Nougat. Bloatware is almost gone and its interface is outstanding. HTC worked with Google and managed to keep the important day to day applications therefore is smooth as butter. May not butter but like a Nexus. Out of all the tests we put the phone through we never got an error nor a crash. Menu is well organized, lots of personalization options, overall the interface is similar to HTC One M8 or M9.


No more BoomSound for the HTC 10, they went with another sistem. Near the USB Type-C there is a low frequency speaker and the voice call speaker is a high frequency speaker. This combination didn’t work very well because the sound doesn’t reach the ears in the same time. Only in a silent room, with no obstructions to the device we can actually enjoy the new speaker setup. Even so the subwoofer is not that great.
When connecting some headphones to it, we can find a menu of presets to choose from. Without real access to other settings regarding sound still delivers quite good audio.


The sound is disappointing compared with previous model but the camera is good. Instantly capturing any event. The camera software is top notch with no lag. Lots of customization available, day time pictures looking good the sad news is about the night pictures that are falling behind other models. Night pictures aren’t clear, exposure time is really high which gives a risk to have white lines along the picture. The front camera has wide lens and produces crisp pictures in almost any condition.


Finally the category where HTC 10 prevails. Two days of battery life with moderate usage. Pretty impressive considering the big displays and the amount of background applications. If you play music to work, read the news, having 4G on, browsing social networks for time to time you will still get home with around 30% left. Besides this, it charges really quickly!


On release it was around £600, which is a fair price for its specifications and battery life. Now it’s down about £200 making it a good deal.


The HTC 10 promised much but misses quite a few features to be on par with its direct completion. It’s a solid pick still, doesn’t do anything wrong, good design and very capable. As the price dropped for it you may consider buying it as it is a reliable device.

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