HTC 11 News

The new HTC flagship is a reinvention for the brand, with a new design, upgraded hardware and new features. We may know it as HTC 11, but officially it got a rename as HTC U. Additionally HTC wants to launch 6-7 more devices.


The most important to mention is the Snapdragon 835 processor and 6 GB of RAM. We won’t lack internal memory either having 128 GB with 16 GB of that for Android Nougat 7.12 and HTC Sense 9.0. One of the new interesting features is the curved 5.5 inch screen with an amazing resolution of 1556×2550. Another important player is the big 3700 mAh battery.


A glorious HTC with a metal shell, keeping the tradition or changing to the glass back? As the trends show us, an edge to edge display won’t miss this flagship. Possibly water and dust resistance as well. They removed the headphone jack but the stereo speakers should be the best of any other device available. However, fixing the high and low frequencies between the two speakers and placing them on the front, would be awesome.

On the upside, according to HTC’s twitter, it has a pressure-sensitive frame that can launch apps and features.


As we mentioned in the specifications section the screen is a big surprise. Packing that curved high resolution, with a similar setup as the Samsung Galaxy S7. There’s a chance of double displays. A tiny screen on top of the main one, still uncertain of this.


A weird mix-up maybe? The rear camera will be a 12 Megapixels camera and the front facing one will have 16 Megapixels. Strange right? This device may seems to target the vloggers out there considering the high grade front shooter. We may have HDR+ Scene Detection feature for the rear camera. With this approach the dual camera hopes are very slim. Together with an easy to use software for its cameras and with very responsive point and shoot capabilities. The previous years flagship had trouble with low light performance and we assume HTC fixes this issue.


As I was pointing before, the juice for this phone is pretty long therefore the vlogger’s phone of choice will definitely be HTC U.

Release date and Price

The launch of the HTC U is set for May 16th, 2017. Until the actual release and price is public, we foresee HTC U to be in stores at the end of May with a price range of £700 to £900.


We like the idea of a “squeezable” frame but not sure how would that work without breaking the phone. What if it makes the HTC U more durable or easily to bend? Its an intriguing feature that we look forward to. Serious time was invested by the Taiwanese for HTC U hope it pays off.

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