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The latter half of 2017 marks the tenth year anniversary of iPhone products. For this reason we can expect some exaggerated celebration. Should be good news for us, getting a powerful, well designed phone.
We may get a complete redesign similar to the Galaxy S8, having an edge to edge display. Renouncing the home button is also a high probability. While the fingerprint scanner will go on the back of the phone. An AMOLED screen is also in the books.

Latest news

Apple ordered 70 million displays for its next iPhone generation, source from Japanese news paper, Le Figaro. This order goes to Samsung Electronics which produces OLED displays. Unit production is supposed to be up to 95 million for this year.


Apple manufacturer may go for a complete redesign. Opting for a full glass build and a stainless steel or aluminum frame such as the older iPhone 4 had. They usually release a new design for the iPhone line one every two years, process known as “tick-tock cycle” and new features with the same casing on alternate years, the “S” models. A fully glass phone will be heavier than an aluminum counterpart. The weight difference between the two material choices is low. In the bigger picture, the glass body makes it possible for better reception and faster wireless charging. Together with water resistance and dust protection the phone will be up with the current Meta. Adopting the USB Type-C maybe included too. Although we have a hard time believing that they will give up their lighting port.


The device itself measures about the same as the iPhone 7 but with a roughly 5.8 inch display, almost identical to the Galaxy S8. The new OLED display will stretch across the whole front of the phone with almost no bezels. OLED technology doesn’t require back light. To put it differently this means thinner smartphones and curved screens. Displays get brighter and the black color is darker as there is no light around it. There is not a solid reason that iPhone will have a curved 2.5D display, but as far as sales go, Samsung had more success on their edge devices. We can expect a Virtual Reality ready phone with a 4k resolution. We also hope for a similar approach to the LG G6 regarding size, suitable for one hand usability. The front camera, sensors shall reside under the screen. While the traditional home button is gone.


The iPhone 8 will adopt a 10 nanometers architecture A11 chip that will be faster and more efficient then current builds. Around 3GB of RAM to support the improved camera features. Storage wise we may see NAND flash memory from Samsung and possibly a 256GB version phone.
As security layers go, they could include more advanced biometric features such a facial recognition or iris scanning, perhaps into the front-facing camera. Under the display we may find the Touch ID technology. Maybe a switch to an optical system and new fingerprint recognition developed by Apple.

We predict the rear camera being a vertical dual sensor setup with optical image stabilization for both wide angle and telephoto lenses. We may experience 3D photography effects as well. The front-facing camera will house an infrared transmitting module, infrared receiving module and the traditional camera. This setup providing location and depth of objects in front of it. Same technology may be used for facial, iris recognition and future augmented reality.

Not enough information around about SIRI other than the purchase of AI startup Turi. The start-up acquisition can bring new features and a smarter SIRI.

Price and Release?

As usual, Apple announces in September and the actual release date may go towards the end of the fall. Another theory could be that accompanied with the iPhone 8 can be the release of iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

Apple products are among the most expensive devices available. Considering the improvements, radical design changes and capabilities we could see the iPhone 8 exceeding the £800 mark.


The phone has been unveiled on the 12th of September with a number of upgrades. The mobile phone is expected to be shipped on the 22nd of September so get your pre-orders now!


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