LG G6 Review

After a disappointing year for LG Electronics regarding LG G5 in 2016, things are about to change with the brand new LG G6. Can it beat the competition?

As a matter of fact the device is taller and less wide, with a 5.7 inch screen and an aspect ratio of 18:9. The biggest advantage of this size is that you can handle it with one hand. LG has adapted to the market wants and dropped the weird leather of the G4 and the not really modular G5 look.


The smartphone includes a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and 4 GB of RAM that run on Android 7 alongside the UX 6.0 interface. Its storage is 32 GB (also 64GB variant) internal with possibility of a microSD card up to 2 TB. Coupled with a 5 megapixel selfie camera and around the back we have a dual lens camera. The battery is a pretty serious 3300 mAh which charges wirelessly and fast charging through the USB-C Quick Charge 3.0. As a bonus, the phone is water and dust resistant certified by IP68. Furthermore, we have passive cooling and so the device doesn’t warm up when we charge or hold it.


LG G6 is quite large, not the device, but the screen itself with 5.7 inch and less bezel. Expanding the ratio from the standard 16:9 to 18:9 was a cleaver step to making such a beautiful display. Holding the display in place it’s a solid aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass on both sides. Shipped in three colors, platinum, white and black.

The design is simpler and elegant with almost no indents near the camera or fingerprint scanner. The bottom side has the fully waterproof USB-C, single speaker and mic. Besides the sim card tray, the right side is completely smooth. The left side has two volume key. While the top contains the lovely 3.5mm headphone jack.

A nice touch is the rounded bezel similar to the display form. The rounded display creates a little black shadow in the corners with the bezel. For this reason, the black variant looks really good in combination with the display. The problem with the all black is that it’s a fingerprint magnet. The platinum and white have a slightly weird black near its bezels connection with the screen. Our personal choice was platinum, it just looks too good and hides the fingerprints nicely.

After extensive customer research, LG was able to make a phone with a huge screen that is truly usable with one hand. On top of that, is perfectly pocket friendly.

For the flat back with dual camera and a fingerprint sensor, the screen and overall feel, LG G6 hit a home run with this design.


Oh, we quite talked about this. Since we already know the size, it also is a Quad HD with a 2880×1440 resolution, stunning. When I read the specifications for the first time, I thought the display will be strange and hard to accustom to. Oh, boy, I was wrong, got used to it very fast and prefer it over the standard. The latency is low, very responsive. The extra height just makes sense when using with one hand and has software changes that improves the experience even more.


After rumors that the headphone jack was set to disappear from smartphones in 2017, LG still has a 3.5mm input. The sound delivered has taken a step back from the previous G5. It’s still a clean and confident sound. Meanwhile the external speaker is quite loud but lacks solidity. After a longer session it will become unpleasant.


LG G6 comes with Android 7.0 which is no surprise. LG’s overlay is heavily focusing all kind of shapes in pastel colors. Therefore the transitions between multiple elements and applications feel very smooth. Because of the taller display, LG has its own applications. Such as messaging, weather, calendar and more redesigned to better manage white space and information. Multitasking is great with the extra room on the top. Camera takes advantage of this by showing the picture soon to be taken on top and the picture that was taken on the bottom.


The LG G6 dual camera impresses with its wide-angle shots. We find two 13 megapixel back cameras. The wide-angle lens opens a 125-degree angle and the standard has optical image stabilization. When we try to switch zoom between the two lenses, we can see a small flicker. These cameras can record 60fps at full HD quality and ultra HD at 30fps. HDR support available for picture but not video.

The software offers quite the range of settings. So on the left side of the screen you have quick toggles for the flash and filter and a button to swap between the front and rear camera. Over to the right there is a shutter button and the option to switch video mode. This starts recording instantly. If you’re in the middle of the action and want to take a quick picture, a double tap on volume buttons opens camera, ready to shoot. While holding the phone landscape mode on the top we can find two icons, this will change between the two different lenses. In addition, we can also shoot slow-mo, timelapse video, 360 panoramas and square photos.

In decent lightning condition, the LG G6 Phase Detection autofocus does a good job on holding on to a subject and keeping them sharp. Different angles and framing also made easy with the dual cameras.

A little downside using the auto full wide angle is the fishbowl effect at the edges of pictures.


LG G6 has a powerful 3300 mAh non-removable battery. Despite the LG fans beliefs about a removable battery, this was the correct decision. The battery can get us through a whole day and has fast charging capabilities.


LG G6 is currently available as a pre-order for around £650 for the 32GB version in multiple UK stores.


A clear improvement to the LG G5 regarding the design, display and usability. Holding and using the phone with one hand is comfortable and the display is easy to get used to. Probably the best LG phone ever made. It is after all….Like a G6 (hinting to the song).

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