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Nokia was the biggest brand, when it came to phones. It fell behind after the release of iPhone and Android based smartphones. In 2014, Microsoft buys Nokia’s mobile device division and had a go at making Microsoft based smartphones. Later on, Finnish company HMD Global buys a part of Microsoft’s phone business. Therefore obtaining the license to make smartphones under the Nokia brand.

Ready for Nokia to become once again a top player amongst the big names? Well Nokia recently came in pretty strong with the Nokia 6 early January 2017.

Nokia’s true flagship naming is unclear to us. There are three naming versions running around, Nokia 8 Supreme, Nokia 9 or Nokia P1. While the Nokia 8 may just be a mid-range device.

For the purpose of this news cover we will refer to Nokia’s upcoming flagship as Nokia 8.


Nokia 8 will pack high-end specifications such as the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. In addition to its processor, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage and a QHD(1440 x 2560 pixels) 5.7 inch display. Alongside the internal storage we’ll find a slot for a microSD card as the rest of Nokia’s current Android devices. Battery could be non-removable.

The surprise may be the crazy 24 Megapixels rear camera with optical stabilization. While 12 Megapixels front shooter for the ever growing selfie picture albums.


As the trend indicates, we can expect a premium metal/glass design with IP68 water and dust protection. HMD Global promised to maintain the same story of 6000 series aluminum regarding the shell. Although the shell may come in two sizes with similar specs, taking a similar approach to Samsung, Apple, Huawei.


Remember PureView camera? That was a 41 Megapixel shooter with Zeiss lenses that trumped everything else at the time. Apart from the rumor of a 24 Megapixel sensor there is a lot of talk around Zeiss. Although seems that the current Nokia phones are not equipped with Zeiss sensors, we may see it in the future.


No surprises here, newer Nokia devices all run pure Android with Google Assistant. There’s no bloatware, no pre-installed apps, we assume Nokia 8 to be the same.


Three Nokia handsets are seeing the light as of early 2017.  Snapdragon 835 releases in June and so we assume Nokia 8 to be launched late summer, early autumn.


Considering the high-end camera, top of the line processor, build and design, some sources place it around £629.

We shall update as soon as we find out more! Stay tuned.

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