Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

As next in the series to Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 also could maintain the distinction as one among the phones with the most elegant appearance. Both front and back of this phone look clean and the overall design is indeed stylish. The most vivid aspects are the two volume buttons on the same side and the standby switch on the other side. The change in the position of the camera lens enables the user to type the email message keeping the phone flat on the table. In Galaxy S7 the sides curve on the back making it more comfortable to hold the phone in the hand as well as easier to pick up from the desk. An additional microphone, a speaker, headphone socket and USB port for charging are accommodated at the bottom. Users of Samsung Galaxy S7 are likely to be disappointed with the speaker which is kept down-facing. The sound gets distorted since the speaker gets easily covered by hands of users. The elongated home-button below the display is very convenient. Restoration of two old features – Micro SD expansion and IP68 water resistance has made the phone more user-friendly. A notable disadvantage is that its back get messed up with finger prints just within minutes necessitating frequent wiping.


The always-on display makes the phone easier to use and without exhausting the battery time, date and a few other information can be read even when the phone is locked. However, as far as display is concerned Samsung Galaxy S7 cannot be said as an improved version of Galaxy S6. But the fact remains – this Smartphone has an awesome display. The Super AMOLED tech from Samsung is responsible for the clarity and brightness. Though there is oversaturation of colors it is tolerable and will not upset anyone. The sharp details as well as amazing color reproduction on the display make it exciting to watch games and videos. With 2560 x 1440 resolution the QHD panel is really amazing. Limited notification is a disadvantage. Those who expect notifications from Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp will be disappointed. Battery consumption is more by about 2% per hour as compared to the previous model.

The absence of a setting to adjust the brightness creates problems when it is used in a room which is very dark. There is no provision for customization also. Also when it is sunny outside, even after jacking the brightness the user will need a shade or has to tilt the screen since it is very difficult to read.


The highly impressive smartphone camera has made Samsung Galaxy S7 more powerful. The 12MP snapper performs at low light making it a great camera.


When compared to Galaxy S6, S7 has improved battery life. Though the fast charging is convenient, nightly charge also should have provided. The battery is not removable and charging becomes a difficult task when the user is in a place where there is no plug socket. However, when we consider the battery life of S7, we have to agree that Samsung has really made improvement. If charged every night, the battery stands for use of the entire day.

When the phone is taken away from its charger for a longer period, S7 has two options to enhance the battery life. The standard power-saving mode can extend the battery life by a few more hours. In this mode the performance and background data are limited. However, functionality remains the same. The second option is the ultra power-saving mode which ensures maximum conservation of the battery. However, only limited number of functions can be accessed such as calls, web browsing and texts. A stripped down black and white interface and stripping of fancy features are the other disadvantages.

Features and performance

The availability of only 32 GB built-in storage of Samsung Galaxy S7 is a little disappointing. Unlike S6, S7 does not offer internal storage options of 64GB and 128GB. However, the 32GB storage is complimented with a micro SD slot which can support cards up to 200GB in size. Galaxy S7 is recognized as a powerful gaming-on-the-go Smartphone thanks to the 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display. While on the Gaming mode, there are many ways to save battery. The on-screen actions can be directly recorded also.

The Game Launcher is a new as well as the most outstanding feature of Galaxy S7. This feature is indeed a boon for gamers. As soon as a game is downloaded, the same will be added to the Game Launcher folder which is on the home screen. Any type of game can be added to the Game Launcher folder – traditional as well as modern. Any game app can be removed from the Game Launcher folder whenever required and in case the phone has missed any game that can also be added. The Game Launcher has two very useful functions:

  1. Notifications can be disabled during the game so that the viewers are not disturbed by dropping down panels in front of the play.
  2. Users can lock the navigation keys so that accidental exiting of the app during a crucial match or gaming event is prevented.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is not provided with a dedicated video player app. The users have to depend on either the Gallery app to access movie files or Google’s Play Movies and TV to access the purchased program. Samsung Galaxy7 is excellent for Playback and the powerful 5.1 inch display makes it a great experience to watch movies on this screen.


The speaker at the bottom of the device is indeed a black spot. The audio frequently gets muffled by hand when the device is held in the hand. The solution is to use a pair of headphones which is also not feasible when a video is being shared among family members and friends.

Galaxy S7 has the Google’s Play Music app as its music player and users will welcome that. Users can access the music-streaming service by Google using this app. While they can buy and download tracks from the store they can manage separate loading of their own music onto the phone.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is indeed one among the best Smartphones available today. Hence none will expect its price to be low. Still it is felt that the price tag of Galaxy S7 is a little on the higher side.


By launching Galaxy S7, Samsung has succeeded in improving almost every aspect of S6. Today, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best Smartphone in the world. Those who care too much about money may ask whether Galaxy S7 justifies the price. But, the fact is that Galaxy S7 is really worth it. Those who are comfortable with the price will have no regrets.

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