Regardless of past year’s declarations and low sales, Sony insists to bring on the market top end smartphones phones. Sony went on and launched the Z5 range with three sizes and price categories almost half a year since Z3+/Z4 launched.

We are reviewing Sony Xperia Z5, normal one, not compact, nor premium, the 2015 Sony flagship.

Build and Design

Xperia Z5 keeps the pattern that made famous the past variants of the Z series. We still see minimalist design, made of metal and glass that keeps a low profile. If there wasn’t for the Sony logo on the phone, we couldn’t tell who made it. This feeling will vanish instantly when we actually hold the device. The metal edge and high quality glass found on both sides, accompanied by great technical specifications solidifies the idea of a premium product. Oh, and its water resistant!Sony Xperia Z5 water

On the front side we find few elements. Microphone and stereo speakers are on the sides, where the protective glass got some carved small slots.  The frontal camera is left of the Sony logo and in the upper corner there is a multicolor LED for notifications. A plastic bezel surrounds the display used for protecting the screen of impacts. Because of the small space between the bezel and display, in time, it will collect dust.

The edges of the phone are made of metal with plastic protected corners. Their role is to prevent the phone to bend on impact. We find elements like, audio jack, SIM card, microSD card, micro USB, power, volume and camera buttons imbedded into the metal. Sony didn’t give up on the idea of a plastic tray for the nano-SIM.

Actually the microSD it’s on the same tray now. Don’t try to remove the SIM card while the device is on, it will restart automatically.

A really elegant black painted glass is covering the back of the phone. Besides the Sony logo there is the back camera in the upper left corner. A big bonus for the back of this device is that finger prints are not visible.

One negative aspect about the Xperia Z5 design maybe the slightly sharp corners. It’s a preference argument, it may not bother you.

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