A budget smartphone with great value for money and relevant specifications.

Nowadays we can find great deals with cheap smartphones. Most of these devices were previous year’s flagships. Even though their old, the specifications can be relevant to current times. However the case, considering buying a cheap phone is a good investment.


Huawei P9

Huawei became the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and their chase to the top isn’t over. Their ambition is to have greater products than giants like Apple and Samsung. Huawei has some sort of a trademark move, which is to have insane specifications for their devices. Huawei P9 is such a smartphone. In addition, the P series always focused on camera performance and quality. P9 has a huge

Sony Xperia Z5 Featured

  Regardless of past year’s declarations and low sales, Sony insists to bring on the market top end smartphones phones. Sony went on and launched the Z5 range with three sizes and price categories almost half a year since Z3+/Z4 launched. We are reviewing Sony Xperia Z5, normal one, not compact, nor premium, the 2015 Sony flagship. Build and Design Xperia Z5 keeps the pattern that made famous the past variants