HTC 10

The HTC 10 is an Android smartphone manufactured and marketed by HTC. Most of the reviews are praising the phone. It has a nice design, brilliant audio quality and customizable user interface. The less fortunate part of the device is its camera and battery life. Audio quality is so good because of a dedicated DAC.

HTC10 Silver

HTC had amazing success with the HTC One M7, but those that followed completely disappointed everyone. HTC 10 is one of those phones that hopes to relaunch a company. A slight design modification, more powerful specs and interesting features makes HTC 10 the perfect phone manufactured by the Taiwanese. Marketing went a long way to praise the device like that. A year have passed since its launch, most users report

The Best Phones of 2016

Those who have decided to purchase the best Smartphone of the year would like to consider all the models that are the most popular in the market. The buyers always want to ensure that they are buying the model that is the best according to their tastes and preferences and also it meets all their needs. This article serves as a buying guide for those who are in search of