incredible camera

Most high-end smartphones today have an incredible camera. These cameras are getting really realistic with crazy in-depth detail and real colors. The importance of great pictures is quite significant. It has a huge social impact through social-media. Also using the camera as an interaction device, by scanning QR codes or to recognize objects.

Huawei P9

Huawei became the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and their chase to the top isn’t over. Their ambition is to have greater products than giants like Apple and Samsung. Huawei has some sort of a trademark move, which is to have insane specifications for their devices. Huawei P9 is such a smartphone. In addition, the P series always focused on camera performance and quality. P9 has a huge

Moto Z

Motorola been through a lot of changes corporate level wise. This resulted in a bounce of manufacturers for creating the smartphones under the Motorola brand. Initially Motorola crafted them then Google and now Lenovo. The new Moto Z made by Lenovo brings in a new feature, clip-on modules, also known as Moto Mods. This means we can attach certain add-ons via magnets located on the back of the device. Optical

Nokia 8

Nokia was the biggest brand, when it came to phones. It fell behind after the release of iPhone and Android based smartphones. In 2014, Microsoft buys Nokia’s mobile device division and had a go at making Microsoft based smartphones. Later on, Finnish company HMD Global buys a part of Microsoft’s phone business. Therefore obtaining the license to make smartphones under the Nokia brand. Ready for Nokia to become once again


LG tried to push their flagship smartphone as a modular device to shake things up in the mobile world. Their hopes were to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7. For the past years, LG became the primary competition for Samsung, on the Android market. Having better results in sales, after HTC sort of failed with the One series and Sony also lacked with Xperia Z. Specifications An IPS 5.3inch with