Modular smartphones can save the world!

The same way we can change computer parts in our desktops a modular smartphone should be able to do. This aims to reduce electronic waste, lower repair costs and increase user comfort. The most important part in a mobile device is the motherboard. On that board we can attach other components or features. Such as a camera, displays, connectors, WiFi antenna and more.

Moto Z

Motorola been through a lot of changes corporate level wise. This resulted in a bounce of manufacturers for creating the smartphones under the Motorola brand. Initially Motorola crafted them then Google and now Lenovo. The new Moto Z made by Lenovo brings in a new feature, clip-on modules, also known as Moto Mods. This means we can attach certain add-ons via magnets located on the back of the device. Optical


LG tried to push their flagship smartphone as a modular device to shake things up in the mobile world. Their hopes were to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7. For the past years, LG became the primary competition for Samsung, on the Android market. Having better results in sales, after HTC sort of failed with the One series and Sony also lacked with Xperia Z. Specifications An IPS 5.3inch with